Cambodia Trip – Day 10

On our tenth day in Cambodia we planned to go to Koh Rong an island off the coast of Sihanoukville. We bought the tickets at the hostel then a tuktuk driver picked us up at the hostel and took us to the ferry terminal. We got to the ferry terminal and got on the ferry. It was a speedferry and we planned to sit outside since we can see the sea and the ride. It was a good and a bad move because we enjoyed the breeze and at the same time water was splashing and some people including me got showered before arriving in Koh Rong.

Coconut tree in Koh Rong

When we got to Koh Rong, it looked like an island paradise straight out of Robinson Crusoe cartoon. Full of coconut trees and small huts. It took awhile to get off the boat since it was hard to find the parking in the pier. Finally we got off the boat, Koh Rong is a paradise island filled with white sand and nice warm water around it. Since it was lunch time we went to one of the restaurants to eat. Then we walked along the coast and found a great spot to relax and swim in the ocean. We spent a lot of time just sunbathing and swimming. Then when the time was up to leave the island we came back to the pier. We made one mistake there. You should confirm in the pier that you are taking the ferry an hour before the ferry arrived. Although we were there an hour before, we didn’t know we had to confirm. So when the ferry arrived the ticket inspector looked at our ticket and said it was not validated so we can only board the ferry after everyone is boarded if there any space. I was not expecting this, we didn’t planned to stay in Koh Rong overnight. But thankfully they let us ride the ferry.

Beach in Koh Rong against the backdrop of mountains in koh rong samloem

Return trip was hell of a lot different than the originsl trip from Sihanoukville to Koh Rong. Ria and I didn’t get a seat so we had to stand during the trip. I was fine with the trip but many people didn’t feel that way. The ferry was going so fast some people fainted and puked. They were not having a great time. At the same time a bunch of buddhist bhikkhus (monks) were taking selifes in their iphones and laughing and shouting which I thought was disgusting. First of all Buddhist monks should not have any earthly possessions like iphones, that’s why they became monks after avoiding all earthly desires. Then instead of thinking about god they were enjoying and giggling while other people were feeling awful. This was not a surprise for me since I am from Sri Lanka where Buddhist extremists caused a civil war and ethnic cleansing. Despite all that the ferry ride came to an end after about 45 minutes.

Then we got back to Sihanoukville ferry terminal. We got on a tuktuk which looked more like a three wheeler which was enclosed. Both husband and wife were driving which I though was cute. We got back to the hostel and just outside of our hostel there was a vendor selling sugar can juice. We bought for both of us and it was amazing. We had dinner at our hostel and went back to sleep after a long day. (To be continued…)



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