Cambodia Trip – Day 11

This was our last day in Sihanoukville. We were originally planning to go to the other island Koh rong samolem but later on we planned to go to the local beach in Sihanoukville. There are five main beaches in Sihanoukville. So we planned to go to Serendipity beach and then walk along the beach to some other beaches.

Our walk from the hostel to serendipity beach was around 15 minutes. Then we started walking along the coast through Ochheuteal beach and then finally reached the Otres beach. Along the way we saw a lot. Many Cambodian families playing and enjoying their day in the beach, a buddhist monk/ bikku smoking cigarette and being belligerent to others and tourists walking around and sunbathing. We found the Ochheuteal beach to be dirtier than the other two beaches. In the Ochheuteal beach we saw an inflatable kids theme park in the middle of the ocean. People took a small boat their to get their kids into the park.

We spent some time in the Ochheuteal beach swimming and sunbathing. On our way back we also had some delicious coconut. We got back to the hostel around 4 pm. We spent some time talking and playing games with our roommates. We also had to pack our stuff since we planned to head to Phnom Penh the next day morning. For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant and I found out that the owner and the person who was running the restaurant were both Tamil. That was the first Indian meal that I had since coming to Cambodia. Then we joined our British roommates at a nearby bar. We had some great time and then left early to prepare for the next day. Ria will be leaving the next day few hours after we get to Phnom Penh. I could already see the end of this exciting trip in Cambodia coming soon! (To be continued…)


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