Cambodia Trip – Day 9

Well, our 9th day in Cambodia started very early. We were waiting for the bus to get to Sihanoukville. During that time, we were told that we have to take one bus to Phnom Penh and then a different bus to get to Sihanoukville from Phnom Penh. I just wanted to get to Sihanoukville so I was ok with doing anything at that point.

One bus arrived and it was not as comfortable as the previous bus. It looked like the front half of the bus was filled with cargo, especially food items and fish. So it gave a distinct odor!! In the back of the bus there were already passengers so we were told to find spots wherever we can. This was the last bus to Phnom Penh for that day so I was ok with tolerating all of that. To make things even worse, an entitled tourist, from the way she talked it seemed like she was from Britain, was arguing with the bus driver how she deserve better than this. I found that annoying tourist more intolerable than anything else going on that night. She was told that this is the last bus for the day to Phnom Penh, and she can wait for eight hours to take the next bus to Phnom Penh in the middle of nowhere or get on the bus and go to Phnom Penh. She got on the bus with tail between her legs.

Iconic roundabout in Sihanoukville with Lion and Lioness in the middle

Then we got to Phnom Penh and changed the bus to go to Sihanoukville. The Sihanoukville trip should supposed to be an eight hour trip but because of all the things happened that night it turned in to a 12 hour ordeal. Finally we got to Sihanoukville and took a tuktuk to the hostel that I reserved. It was only a $4 a day hostel so it didn’t have much amenities. I was fine with it but Ria was not very pleased with it. So she found a different hostel and I was glad she found this OneStop hostel. OneStop hostel was a $7 a day hostel but it had better amenities than what we had in Siem Reap. So we moved our stuff from old hostel to One Stop hostel. By the time we had lunch it was already 4 pm. So I rested for a bit and went out to see the beach in Sihanoukville. It was a calm beach but there are five beaches in total some of them are fairly clean and others are not so much.

I came back to the hostel and met with some of our roommates. Two of them were from Liverpool, England, one guy was from Spain and there was also a Korean American girl. The two British guys we met were good sport and we talked a lot about our travels. Both of the brits were traveling the region for a month and planning to continue their travel for two more months. Then I bought the tickets to go to Koh Rong which was an island off the coast of Sihanoukville. So we had to wake up early for the next day. (To be continued…)


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